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Above- Steve between Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside

Stephen J. Pollock, RPh, C-CST, OBAT (One Brain Advanced Trainer), Reiki Master

Steve has been practicing and teaching these healing arts (and more) for over 27 years. He is as skilled as he is gentle and thorough in his approach to wellness and correcting imbalances that cause Dis-Ease/ illness


Having practiced Pharmacy for many  years, He brings that clinical expertise and knowledge to integrate into the holistic mix of healing modalities he uses. (He does not subscribe to the belief that drugs "cure" and believes healing occurs from within.

Learning/Growing are partners

If you're ready to cross the threshhold to a new and far better way of being in this life; ready to gain deep inner wisdom from your Self and willing to expand into the future you know is waiting for you- You don't know how to get there?  


About Us


Eliminate Stress at its source- permanently!


Break down obstacles in the way of your success!


Fully alive- Reach your full Potential!

Bringing Vitality and Balance

Our Mission

Creating inner peace and balance- mental/emotional/physical/spiritual- by eliminating self defeating beliefs and negative habits. Leaving a sense of freedom, clarity and empowerment!

Experience and Professionalism

 With over 27 years of experience, we will assess your issues on all levels and immediately begin a custom therapeutic program that's based on your individual needs. We will educate as we treat you in the most effective ways. We achieve profound and very rapid results, and we do this in the gentlest ways possible.

Outcomes and Goals

Not only will we treat your existing conditions, we also work to prevent pain and suffering from re-occurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your        body/mind/spirit

 to live a fulfilling and productive life!



Over 30 years ago 3 experts in  the healing arts (Gordon Stokes- Touch for Health, Daniel Whiteside-Personology and Candace  Callaway- intuitive) combined their talents and knowledge to put together an array of powerful healing tools/techniques. They further developed 3 of those tools to be extraordinarily effective.

We help people, like you, with stress disorders and emotional issues, phobias/addictions, learning disabilities/dyslexia, self-confidence, performance anxiety and enhancement, and spiritual growth- breaking through barriers to enhancement.

  • Behavioral Barometer

A graphic description of different emotional/mental states at the 3 levels of awareness- Conscious, Subconscious and Body (Unconscious). Used with CCMT to tell the patient's "life story" in terms of their Beliefs about what happened to them, and how it changed their life- effecting them in the present. Also, it depicts what we needed and what will bring fulfillment now.

  • Structure/Function

This is a scientifically studied group of over 60 physical, observable Traits that show us , through observation, what the genetically programmed behavior of this individual most likely will be (with a very high probability).

When that person's behavior doesn't match the expected- red flags go up and there's an issue to look at and talk about to give that person much more freedom to be who they "naturally" are.

The Three Main Tools

  • Clear-Circuit Muscle Testing

A form of Applied Kinesiology where answers are received directly from the source of information- your body/mind. Much more accurate than AP for testing when there are emotions involved.

When the body's energetic system is in an imbalanced state, neuromuscular nervous transmission can get scrambled- like static on the phone. We have ways of analyzing the quality of the responses so that we get extremely accurate data from the client.

And, we have techniques for correcting for this.


  1. How soon can I expect results?

Generally, we expect issue resolution within 3 sessions, and results happen immediately during the Defusion session.

        2. If I suffered during a traumatic event, will I have to re-experience it to let it go?

We may need to bring awareness of it, but from a distance, so you don't actually re-experience it- we use the gentlest approach possible.

        3. How long are the sessions?

The 1st session is 1& 1/2 hours, and subsequent sessions are 1 hour.

CranioSacral Therapy

Origins of CST


In the early 1900s, the research of Dr. William Sutherland, an American osteopathic physician, detailed the movement of the cranium and pelvis. Before his research it was believed that the cranium was a solid immovable mass. Sutherland reported that the skull is actually made up of 22 separate and movable bones that are connected by layers of tissue. He called his work cranial osteopathy . Nephi Cotton, an American chiropractor and contemporary of Sutherland, called this approach craniology. The graduates of these two disciplines have refined and enhanced these original approaches and renamed their work as sacro-occipital technique, cranial movement therapy , or craniosacral therapy.

Dr. John Upledger, an osteopathic physician, and others at the Department of Biomechanics at Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine learned of Sutherland's research and developed it further. He researched the clinical observations of various osteopathic physicians. This research provided the basis for Upledger's work which he named craniosacral therapy.

What is CST and what does it do?

 Craniosacral therapy is an holistic healing practice that uses very light touching to balance the craniosacral system in the body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area.

 This also includes the entire body, since the fascia (connective tissue layer(s)) surround or encapsulates every muscle, organ, bone, brain, spinal cord, etc of the body- we are totally connected within our body and each part is integrated into the whole.

Thus,  when one piece of our body is out of balance or blocked in some way, it effects everything around it and has a cascading effect over time. This creates multiple imbalances which doesn't allow our body to perform effectively or even feel good.

How Does CST Work?

   CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, non-stressful technology for releasing tensions in the tissue of the body and rebalancing all the systems operating in your tissues, organs, structures and even within the Emotional Body.

   By creating support for imbalanced tissue, that structure has a chance to relax, re-organize and recover from the stress energy it's storing.

   We store physical traumas in our body as "Energy Cycts",in which, like medical cycsts, the body builds a protective barrier around this stressor to prevent it from damaging surrounding tissues. These blockages accumulate and end up blocking flow of energy, lymph, blood, nerve impulses, etc through that area.  When an area of our body doesn't get nourished and cleansed- it develops Dis-Ease.

   We help the body to release these blockages, causing return of effective function to the tissues involved and relief of Dis-Ease symptoms.


  • What happens during a session?

Client lies fully clothed on a massage table on his/her back. Therapist gently lays hands on respectfully and checks the CranioSacral Rhythym to find imbalances. Then the therapist lightly applies hands to affected areas to support the internal tissue and allow the body to release any stored disturbances. The head is often worked on extensively and the client generally experiences a slowing down of the breathing and body in general as well as a sense of peace and well-being during the session.  When a trauma is discovered and worked on, sometimes the body may move on its own or the client may visualize or feel emotion or discomfort while the trauma is being released- this is usually very brief and signals a permanent release.

  •       How long is a session?

A session generally lasts forone hour, but to the client, it may seem to fly by, leaving them feeling relaxed, lighter and a sense of freedom

Additional Services


As a Reiki Master, I have trained and attuned many people to bring healing energy to body,mind and Spirit for themselves and others. This methodology utilizes the naturally occurring loving/healing Energy that surrounds us and focuses it on imbalances in our personal energy field. Now being used in many hospitals and clinics around the world.


As an Advanced Trainer of One Brain Integration I teach a variety of courses from 2-5 days each; as well as numerous One Day Programs on specific topics.

   The starter course is the 2-Day course Tools of the Trade, which instructs the student in the basics we use to receive direct and accurate information from the client.

Meditation Instruction/guidance

Scientifically well documented methods of settling the mind and relaxing the body to relax into a heightened state of awareness and serenity.  Well documented to relieve anxiety, pain and fear as well as increase compassion and oneness. 


New One Day Seminar- Release Your Stress and Be Free!

   Coming soon- integrates some of One Brain Integration's Tools with others from various modalities to teach you tools you can use in your life to reduce stress and induce wellness!

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